Pamela E. Bailey is the CEO and President of Fading Into Reality Publishing. She has worked as a chemical and environmental engineer, cost and supply analyst, specification administrator, recruiter, cosmetic sales person and computer programmer. Pamela's education includes a Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering from Georgia Institute of Technology and a Master's of Business Administration with a Specialization in Internatinal Studies from Oklahoma State University.

Fading Into Reality Publishing has a social media network and forum, offers publishing services for authors and has merchandising associated with Pamela's books.

About Us

Fading Into Reality Publishing, LLC is a company that Pamela created in 2008 to showcase her talents. She published two books in 2009 via a vanity press publisher. These books have been republished this year through this company. Additionally, she has published five books in 2011. There have been five discussion-starter pocket-sized books created for bulk sales. These books can only be purchased through this web site or our main corporate web site. If you are a bookseller and are interested in offering these pocket-sized books to your customers, please contact us for discount pricing. All retail books can be purchased through Ingram Publishers by book sellers all over the world. They are available for retail purchase with internet booksellers like and
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