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ISBN: 978-9-9829544-9-2
This book is a part of our discussion-starter pocketbook series called "Presents of Choosing in the Moment." The series cover topics as varing as faith, democracy, business ethics and things that divide people. The series is intended for organizational sales and can only be purchased in bulk quantities. Pamela will host discussions on these topics beginning in November 2011.

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Presents of Choosing in the Moment
Bizarro Value by Pamela E. Bailey
ISBN: 978-0-9829544-1-6
We live in a world where people place value on the wrong things. How are the ironies associated with bizarro value holding you back in life? Learn how to recognize bizarro value and how to overcome the obstacles preventing you from living your best life. (Non-Fiction)
Human Nature Manifesto by Pamela E. Bailey
ISBN: 978-0-9829544-7-8
With predictions of doom and gloom dominating media and entertainment, people could easily give up and not take control of their lives and world. No matter when we will die or when the world will end, we human beings have to make choices that will seal the fate of our civilization -for good or bad. (NonFiction)
Shades of Gray - Who I Am
by Pamela E. Bailey
ISBN: 978-9-9829544-5-4
This book is a hypothetic "what if" for Asha Day and the world. We base our life and enternity on our ancestor's beliefs and on events that occurred many millennia before we wer born. What if Asha Day is important to our collective eternity? (Fiction)
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What is your personal truth and belief system and what are these based upon? Have you done your research or are you just proceeding in life on autopilot? Ponder paradise with Pamela and then go research and find yourself.